May 21, 2017

Laurie Dugan, Jocelyn, Sharnice Cyprien, Vicky Carter and family. Carole Clayton, Vanessa, Terry Nickson, Arnold Peterson, Dot Day, Bonnie Auman, Paige Charlotte Scarpati.

Continued prayers for:

Our church, Chris Reinhard, Joel Burzynski, Wini Applegate, Betty Lou Applegate,              Matt Robinson, Cliff Coleman, Billy Marshall, John Nelson, Thomas & Geraldine Stopero,    Billy Gunnell, Brett Hansen, Richmond Bodie, Paul Beverly, Curt Lamb, Hilaria, Patrick Cleary, Ken Meachem, Art & Cindy Geldhauser, Catharine Dougherty, Bob Thanel, Joe, Yvonne,       Jim Millar & family, Carmella Hoechst, Michael DelRe, Chrissy Nelson, Eric Dodson, Ava Reynolds, the Gemmell family, Brian, Emily, Brianna, Kristen/Eric & children, Charlotte Newman, Herb Shaw, Barbara Domanic, the Cannavino family, Dennis Paradise, Emily Schiavone,      Suzan M., Kara Deserto & family, Brad, Sammy, Tom Czajkowski, William Gerdes & family,      our emergency responders: Police, Fire & EMS, our service men & women.

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What we believe…

Briefly stated, we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that Jesus came to earth and led a perfect life, yet died for our sins in order that through faith in him we would be reconciled with God and have a place in heaven. In response to God’s love for us, we endeavor to live our lives according to Jesus’ teachings, as we are led by God’s Holy Spirit.