April 23, 2017



Betty Lou Applegate, the family of Joyce Mendez, Rachel, Linda, Wendy, Barb and Sal Marino.

Ken Wilk, Dennis D’Adamo, Brenda Adam, Kathy Calderella, Carole Clayton.

Continued prayers for:

Our church, Wini Applegate, Cliff Coleman, Billy Marshall, John Nelson,                            Thomas & Geraldine Stopero, Billy Gunnell, Brett Hansen, Richmond Bodie, Paul Beverly,  Betty Lou Strich, Curt Lamb, Hilaria, Patrick Cleary, Ken Meachem, Art & Cindy Geldhauser, Catharine Dougherty, Bob Thanel, Joe, Yvonne, Jim Millar & family, Carmella Hoechst,        Chris Reinhard, Michael DelRe, Chrissy Nelson, Eric Dodson, Ava Reynolds,                            the Gemmell family, Brian, Emily, Brianna, Kristen/Eric & children, Charlotte Newman,           Herb Shaw, Barbara Domanic, the Cannavino family, Dennis Paradise, Emily Schiavone,      Suzan M., Kara Deserto & family, Brad, Sammy, Tom Czajkowski, William Gerdes & family,       our emergency responders: Police, Fire & EMS, our service men & women.

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What we believe…

Briefly stated, we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that Jesus came to earth and led a perfect life, yet died for our sins in order that through faith in him we would be reconciled with God and have a place in heaven. In response to God’s love for us, we endeavor to live our lives according to Jesus’ teachings, as we are led by God’s Holy Spirit.